Our burgers are the main act. The beef is 100% grass fed and sourced from the Byron Bay Hinterland. The cows are happy enough right up until the end and then they hand us their best chuck and skirt cuts which we mince at a calculated gauge with our secret ingredient: dry aged beef (not so secret now).

That’s the quality foundation of all of our beef burgers that we then house in a soft, squishy milk bun, which is toasted. Depending on the burger you choose, we add hydroponic lettuce, slices of fresh vine ripened tomato, our own house-made pickles (with just the right vinegary, briny bite to them) and if you’re a vegetarian, instead of the patty, we substitute a panko-crumbed, Swiss cheese-injected, fresh field mushroom from the Sunshine Coast.


Frites & Fritzensalts

We also serve Frites with our famous Fritzensalts. We make them in-house via a method our chefs worked out one night on the Fritzenjuice. We’re lucky it works. It takes ages. Gets boring to watch. But then we grind it into powder (the chilli day is not something you’d like to attend).

The roast chicken dinner takes a bit to get through, but luckily our chefs have massive guns. Then we mix what we get with some Australian sea salt and Fritzenwow!