You’ve found your way to Fritzenberger frites and burger brew pub. We do frites. We do burgers. We also brew beer. It’s pretty Fritzensimple, really. We’re open 7 days until late for lunch and dinner.

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At Fritzenberger we keep it fritzensimple. Our burgers are the classics, rebuilt using chef sourced local ingredients to deliver taste, texture, balance and all the foodie bullshit you want to know is on your plate but are usually too hungry to ask about. It’s all in there. Skip to the bottom if you’re ravenous, or read on if you’re curious.The beef is 100% grass fed and sourced from the Byron Bay Hinterland. The cows are happy enough right up until the end and then they hand us their best chuck and skirt cuts which we mince at a calculated gauge with our secret ingredient: dry aged beef (not so secret now).

That’s the quality foundation of all of our beef burgers that we then house in a soft, squishy milk bun, which is toasted. Depending on the burger you choose, we add hydroponic lettuce, vine ripened tomato, our own house-made pickles (with just the right vinegary, briny bite to them), and if you’re a vegetarian we substitute a panko crumb, swiss cheese-injected fresh field mushroom from the Sunshine Coast.

And then there’s the frites.

At Fritzenberger, the frites are not a forgotten side dish. You could be forgiven for thinking they’re the main act because we treat them with the same, possibly even a greater amount of care and invention.

If you dine at Fritzenberger, we don’t frown on you if you ask for the salt and pepper. We encourage it. And we provide more than just those two humble seasonings. We create inventive seasonings to go with your frites and we let you add more if you want to. Seasoning is always in season at Fritzenberger.

Of course there’s so much more on our menu than frites and beef burgers. And for those of you who couldn’t be bothered reading the above, click the button below to view the full menu.


At Fritzenberger we do frites, we do burgers and…wait, you’ll need something to wash that down with. Like fresh beer that only has to travel across the bar to your glass. Because we brew in-house in case you failed to notice the huge shiny brewing system behind the bar.

That system was once described by a beery mate of ours as “expensive bling” but it’s worth it because it’s a DME brewing system and that means our beers are consistently on point for taste and session-ability. Which doesn’t mean they’ll always be the same.

We’re a craft brewer with a love of non traditional brewing processes and ingredients. So our small scale pilot system, teamed with our regular guest tap policy and our eye for exciting new bottled beers will keep our beer (and cider) menu sexy, possibly even as virile as the beard on our head brewer, Matthew Glanville’s face. For regular updates on the brews that are on tap or coming soon, follow our Facebook Page.



Whether you’re hosting a pre-game day legends lunch or a pre-wedding hen’s night we’ll help you make a Fritzensuccess of it.

Depending on your function size (up to 100 people), the time of day (lunch or dinner or both) you can avail yourself of the Fritzenberger venue and all it involves. So that means if you’d like us to brew a special beer for you, we can do that. Or if you want burgers, we can do that. Even if you’ve got a frites fest in mind, we can cater to that as well.

We’ve also got functions packages containing delicious finger food, sit down food and wines to match, depending on your budget. What we’re trying to say is that when you book a function at Fritzenberger, you have Fritzenoptions. So if you’d like to enquire about a function, fill out the form below or email functions.paddington@fritzenberger.com and we will be in touch!

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