Fritzenbeer, crafted fresh in-house 

Where does our Fritzenbeer come from? It comes from the big tanks sitting across the bar in Fritzenberger Petrie Terrace.

We know it travels a long way. About a metre and a half to be exact. But that’s the way we like our craft beer. Fresh. In Fritzenberger Wilston, it travels a bit further. About 7 minutes via the Inner City Bypass, depending on the traffic situation. We need to deliver it that freshly because we brew in-house via a non-traditional brewing process using real ingredients with no preservatives.

Sometimes these ingredients are hops or barley. Sometimes they are raspberries and passionfruit. We’ve been known to brew a Black Sesame Saison on occasion and a Cloudy Guava Cider too, believe it or not. We brew a whole lot of our Fritzenberger Pale Ale of course, which is a city-wide favourite.

Our small-scale pilot system, teamed with our regular guest tap policy and our eye for exciting new bottled beers keeps our beer (and cider) menu pretty darn sexy. (You may of course find that everything looks sexier the longer you’re at Fritzenberger and the more brews you try.)

Our core range


Previously brewed 


We can brew for you

Want to impress your guests? Create a signature beer for your event with the help of our brewer. This is how it works.

Choose a base

Start with Fritzenberger IPA, Pale Ale, Porter, Lager or Mid Lager.

Add some flavour

Flavour your brew with chocolate, nuts, fruits, spirits or spices.

Have a taste

Sample your ideas with a one-hour tasting session.

Price on application, please contact us for more information.